I am develop a program to display 3D result, if I link the app to MS opengl32 , it runs fast in my computer and slow in my colleague’s computer; If i link the app to SGI opengl, it runs slow in my computer and fast in my colleague’s computer, who can tell me why.


Is it because your colleagues’ computer does not have accelerated 3d and so opengl falls into software mode, but yours does have hardware acceleration, but when you link to the sgi lib (which I think had a faster software opengl implementation, but cannot be hardware accelerated) your computer falls to software gl. If your colleague has a faster CPU in his machine, then the SGI software implementation would run faster than the SGI software implementation on yours.
I’m probably wrong…

In fact, my colleague’s computer is a new one, with ATI card, my computer is an old one, with 3Dlabs Permedia2, opengl not supported under windows 2000

Uhm. (?) OpenGL is supported under 2000, and ATI should have real OpenGL drivers. Has your friend installed any recent ATI drivers? Or has he only installed Windows (and perhaps DirectX - which does not help for OpenGL).

Yes, OpenGL is definitely supported in windows 2000.
Anyway, lets all shut up and get on with our work - face the front!
(just don’t link to the sgi opengl, and insist your customers use opengl 1.2 complient 3d accelerators).