Why it is so difficult to find GLU 1.3 ?

Hi All,

Why there is not an official OpenGL web page where I can download it? :frowning:

How often can I expect to find it on users PC? :confused:

It is a good idea to deliver my glu32.dll file in the same forder of my program? :rolleyes:

Thanks so much!


glu32.dll is a system component on Windows; as such only Microsoft provides it. Unfortunately they have not updated this dll for nine years or so.

If you are shipping a title for delivery on anything newer than win95, glu32.dll is already on the system, under \windows\system32.

If you really need glu 1.3, you can build your own and include it in your program folder. Or build a .lib instead of a .dll and statically link these functions into your executable.

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Now it is clear!

Thanks, :slight_smile: