Why is so complicated find the OpenGL version

I want to know why is so complicated find the OpenGL version 2.0 to download?

I look for opengl 2.0 at www.opengl.org but I am not find it.

I need a link to download opengl 2.0 and install it.

Why Opengl.org not have a link in your main page to donwload the opengl like Directx?

Several users write to this forum asking it. And the only link disponible to download the opengl is OUT…


It is so disappointing…

There is no Opengl2.0 download like a DirextX version download.

Opengl only depends on the driver to your card.

If your card can handle it, and you have the latest driver from the vendor then you have opengl2.0

the only downloads for programing openGl 2.0 is (besides the new card drivers) new c header files (specificly glext.h) wich you can get from http://oss.sgi.com/projects/ogl-sample/registry/

And how about the lib files, that a need to include into my project??

Step 1 - download glew:
Step 2 - include glew.h instead of gl.h
Step 3 - add glew.c to your project
Step 4 - never dare to ask for OpenGL 2.0 lib again :wink:

Best regards.

ok…ok…sorry… :frowning: \o/

obs: http://glew.sourceforge.net is OUT

:frowning: )

looks ON to me

Btw. This question was asked a lot of times, please use the boards search function.

Was asking myself the exact same question.
Why isn’t all this explained in the faq? To those of us who are just getting started, a simple paragraph on the FAQ explaining all of this would be so useful…

“If your card can handle it, and you have the latest driver from the vendor then you have opengl2.0” - How would we actually use it in that case? Where are the headers and the libs?
Could someone please, clearly and briefly, shed some light on this (I searched google and the forums and found no clear explanation…)?

Thank you very much… :slight_smile:

I have added this section in the wiki myself. You didn’t find it clear enough?


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