Why gl.h has comented undeclared symbols

Hi everyone,
while I been tring to compile a code that I’ve found on the web I got a compile error which said that some symbol GL_ZERO is undeclared. When I’ve opened my gl.h file I found out that this symnol is not completly implemented and commented and not only this but a lot of others. Im using visual studio 2006. How can I update my files and libraries to the latest definitions?

gl.h is a file that comes from Microsoft. it should say this at the top

/*++ BUILD Version: 0004 // Increment this if a change has global effects

Copyright © 1985-96, Microsoft Corporation

Module Name:



Procedure declarations, constant definitions and macros for the OpenGL


You should reinstall VS.

Yeah, it sounds like you’re using a wrong gl.h.

Also - there’s no such thing as Visual Studio 2006; it’s most likely either 2005 or 2008. In both cases - assuming you’ve got the full VS (i.e. not the Express version) - you don’t need to install any new headers or libs for OpenGL; VS comes with all you need. If you are using Express, 2005 has a fairly messy procedure you need to follow, whereas 2008 (and 2010) both come with everything you need.

Excuse me I thougt its 2006 but I didnt check it. Actually its Express edition 2005. So I’ll try with a most recent version of Visual Studio. Thanx

Cool. I’d actually recommend 2008 (SP1) over 2010 right now, because there are some changes to 2010 involving how headers and libs work that complicate things a little, plus I think it needs a service pack to sort out some other (small but annoying) issues. 2008 is very similar to 2005 and you should have no trouble adjusting.

yeah yeah thats just the version of VS that I mind to use. Thanx, mhagain.

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