why display list doesn't work?

I made a triangulation by each triangle correspond to each pixel in an image. So for a 768512 image there are 767511*2 triangles and the color of each pixel is assigned to the vertex of the corresponding triangle. Then I want to scale this triangulation with opengl. If i put the triangulation process on the RenderScene function (the intermediate code which generate the triangles every time when call this function, slow), when I scale it, opengl magnify the image by interpolating from the triangles which is what I expect. However, if I use a displaylist to save these triangles and then scale it, it didn’t interpolates from the triangles (I guess it simply use a pixel-replication method).

As I understand, displaylist simply reload these triangle strips and should get the same results!


Perhaps you could provide a snippet of your code. eg. The code you use to create and display your display list(s). (Don’t post the entire project - just the relevant bits…)

Also if you could put a screen grab of the two cases on a server somewhere and provide a link it might provide some insight into the problem.