Why Are There No...

Why are there no good tutorials on loading 3d model files (like .3ds, .obj, .ase, etc.)??? stuffs i found on the net (like in gamedev, gametutorials.com) just give source code without much explanation…

Anyone here knows of a good place to learn how to load???

This site must be advertised about a million times a day, but go to wotsit.org and you can find documentation for pretty much all of those formats and more.

Mix with one cup knowing how to read files in your target platform and a little bit of ingenuity and patience and you’ll have a top notch loading routine in no time flat.

fileformats & openGL: http://www.opengl.org/developers/faqs/technical/miscellaneous.htm#misc0040

3ds-fileformat (3dsFTK)
ASE-fileformat (MAX ASCII-exporterformat) http://www.discreet.com/sparks/sparks_software_fset.html