Who can tell me how to insert AutoCAD or CATIA 3D object or file into OpenGL program?

Can anybody tell me how to insert a AutoCAD or CATIA 3D object or file into OpenGl program. i’m anxious!!!

loading autocad files is not very difficult, with a little conversion work - the first way would be to use a tool that reads autocad files and throws out a file format that you can read. the second way would be to write your own autocad-file loader (perhaps you should check wotsit.org to find out more on the specification).
but, unfortunately i don’t know about a chance to load/import catia(r4/r5) files to own programs - have you tried google, to search after informations on the catia-fileformat ?
(edit: for doing the ‘first’ step with autocad files you can use “deepexploration” from righthemisphere.com, a multiformat conversion tool)


thank u reply,
can u talk in details,
i’m a new guy in OpenGL and not so familiar with it,
by the way,
do not say bey to me,
i’ll come here frequently,
thank u,

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This is slightly off topic… You should search for file format readers or format specs. Use google. If you need help with the rendering of the file-contents you may post here again, but then again, someone else might have written the code already. Search.