Which SDK of PowerVR i have to use!

hi all.
i am a mobile game developer. my platform is VS.NET2005(PPC2003)+PowerVR .but i don’t know which SDK i can choose.the SDKs are in the following location:http://www.imgtec.com/PowerVR/insider/Downloads/DocumentDownloads/index.asp?Page=PowerVRSDKs#top
And how to install it ??

thank u.

I assume with PPC2003 you mean Windows Mobile 2003 for Pocket PC. In case your target platform is using Intel 2700G, this should be the right one.
To install it, just unzip the package somewhere on your hard drive and follow the instructions in the user guide PDF that’s inside the package.

You might also want to download the PC Emulation SDK for Windows XP.

thank you for your answer!
but i have a new question:
i want to load .3ds files to my mobile games by openGL es.
so from the internet i learned that using PVRMAXExport from the PowerVR SDK is the resolvent.
i have read the documents about PVRMAXExport the SDK gives.
but i can’t found any perfect idea!
what can i do ?

thank you very much!

What exactly is it you’re having problems with? Installing the plugin? Using it? Using the resulting .pod or .h files?

PVRMAXExport is a plugin for 3ds Max. To install it, you have to copy PVRMAXExport.dle to the plugin folder of your 3ds Max install. The next time you start 3ds Max you will then be able to select File/Export… from the menu and pick “PowerVR Exporter” as file type there.

To use PVRMAXExport with 3ds Max 8, you need to have at least Service Pack 1 for 3ds Max installed.

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