Which OpenGL Book??

OK, i’ve got two books on OpenGL that i can’t decide between!!! The first one is the red book…it’s awesome for learning GL from scratch. However, the examples aren’t the most practical. The second one, OpenGL Game Programming is also good and has practical examples that are goal oriented. I mean i’d read both, but i can only read one right now. I’m trying to read a chapter in Real-time Rendering and then learn how to do things in that chapter in OpenGL AND DirectX (Hey…can’t hurt to know both ) Thanks to all the people who respond.


Look here: http://ask.ii.uib.no/ebt-bin/nph-dweb/dy…_RESTART_N%25#X
There is this book as PDF file too.

Wait…are you saying that the Red Book would be better? Because isn’t that link you gave me contain the red book? Well, i’m saying red book but it’s really call OpenGL Programming Guide and it is the official learning book. I just picked up on the name the red book because everyone calls it that…probably because it is red. Thanks for that link though…i really needed to find something like this online. Appreciate it!

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The red book is excellent. If it doesn’t have enough “practical examples” in it for you, you might consider looking at the source code for various GL example apps available all over the net.

Note: all sample/example code is not created equal.

Ok cool. Yeah i think i’ll read the red book first and then look into Opengl Game Programming. That way i understand and know openGL and can just focus on what they are trying to get across in the later chapters of the book. Thanks for all your help guys!

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