Which devices support OpenGL ES1.1?

I want to make a 3d screensaver with star effects. I am going to use point stripes for the star effects. Point stripes require OpenGL ES1.1 so I wonder how many devices support OpenGL ES1.1?

I got information from forum Nokia that only e72,e71, 5630, e71 and e66 support OpenGL ES1.1. COuld this really be true?
I also got information that no devices support OpenGL ES 2.0. Are there really so few devices with OpenGL ES1.1 support?

The GLBenchmark result database is generally a good source of device information.This view shows the devices with ES1.1 support (only those devices which actually have a result for GLBenchmark HD ES 1.1).

While no current Nokia phone supports OpenGL ES 2.0, the upcoming N900 will. Other available devices with OpenGL ES 2.0 support include (but are not limited to) Sony Ericsson Satio, Samsung i8910, and Apple iPhone 3GS.

I should add that the GLBenchmark database should not be taken as being an exhaustive list. There are certainly devices which are not (yet) included in that database.

That sounds really good! Over 60 devices has OpenGL 1.1 support. Since the market is so large for OpenGL 1.1 I will start with my 3d screensaver.

All Nokia smartphones (S60: N-series, E-series, all others) support OpenGL ES 1.0 since late 2005 and OpenGL ES 1.1 since around 2007.

Kari Pulli