which book?

lke the topic says…
I want to buy a new c++ book… but wich of this two si best…
Accelerated C++: Practical Programming by Example
SAMS teach your self c++ in 24 days by Jesse ?

or is there another book that is better consedering i want to work on 3D-game and 3D-enging programming in the future… ?

If you have been exposed to the programming world through some other language then by all means go with the accelerated C++. I have that book and i think it ROCKS. But, if you are a total newbie to programming in general, then SAMS might be something to get first and read over. After that you may want to look into accelerated C++ for the later chapters. There are some more practical (well says it in the title doesn’t it? ) uses and well…it’ll be more useful. Basically if programming isn’t BRAND SPANKING new to you (like you didn’t even know what it was until someone told you about it 5 days ago), go with Accelerated C++. Good luck!

  • Halcyon

Avoid the Jesse Liberty book. “Accelerated C++” is good.

Bruce Eckel’s “Thinking in C++” is good; especially if you’re coming from a C background.

The “C++ FAQ’s” book is good.

The first few chapters of Norman Lin’s “Linux 3D Graphics Programming” might be helpful to you as well.

Josuttis’ “The C++ Standard Library” is also very good.

Of course, it goes without saying (hmm… not sure why I’m saying it then) that Stroustrup’s “The C++ Programming Language” is required reading.

See the accu site for reviews. http://www.accu.org/

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