Where to start opengl?

Ok, I know nothing about opengl programming but I’m ok at c/c++ and I feel this is really something I want to learn.
So, could anyone give me some tips on where to start? A book that is good for a complete beginner?


nehe.gamedev.net www.flipcode.com http://www.opengl.org/developers/code/tutorials.html

The OpenGL Superbible is pretty neat for beginners, although it uses in almost every example GLUT (only in the last few chapters are a few examples without GLUT as far as I know). So if you don’t want to do all the window-handling by your own it is the investment worth.


There aren’t any OpenGL books specifically for Borland C++ Builder? That would suit me ideally.

AFAIK, there is not a book devoted to using OpenGL with BCB. There are several sites on the Internet that will help you out. You can find links to OpenGL/BCB components & tutorials at the bottom of my OpenGL page.

Scott http://members.home.net/scottheiman/

Ok, thanks alot.
So, is SuperBible something to go for?

I would

NeHe has the code converted to Borland code in the downloads at the end of each tutorial, so that should work.

Other than that, sorry!

NeHe is the best though, I think…