Where to start OpenGL and which framework to use?


I have seen 2 methods for doing OpenGL in Windows . i.e using glut to display the window or using the win32 SDK.

I have started yesterday reading the http://nehe.gamedev.net/ legacy tutorials. The first tutorial is for displaying a simple window but that’s huge . But in glut the code for displaying a window and drawing some primitives is very small and easy to understand.

Finally I am in a dilemma where to start and which library I need to use.
Also give me some good tutorials in the Net using those specific kind of libraries.

We have a whole Wiki page dedicated to info about getting started. Complete with a list of tutorials.

GLUT is fine for someone who wants to learn GL programming. GLUT hides the window creation and the context creation code.
GLUT has been superseded by freeGLUT, which looks mostly the same but has some API enhancements such as support for GL 3.

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