Where to get gl/device.h

i have gone thru some OGL code. some code include gl/device.h in their code. but i do not manage to find this header file, please anyone kindly give suggestion on this.


This must be a nonstandard file which presumably is provided by the source you are looking at.

[ www.trenki.net | vector_math (3d math library) | software renderer ]

Wait a second, this is probably old SGI code from the Iris GL era for simple mouse & keyboard input.

Mouse & keyboard will be the least of your worries if you’re trying to port to OpenGL. I wouldn’t worry about it too much, just delete it an deal with the remaining issues, if you can even see them amidst the storm or compilation errors.

Good luck.

so i just remove/delete the include line with the gl/device.h?

Yes, but you’ll also need to delete calls to getdev() and qdevice() and a bunch of undefined tokens that will also be thrown up in the code as a result.

The whole windowing and input system will have to be rewritten but it’s basic stuff. It’s just never been cleaner or simpler than Iris GL apps so that winconfig() winopen() call is going to bloat into a few dozen lines of X11 & GLX cruft or similar platform specific code.

There is a porting script which does this I think.