Where to get a OpenGL SDK???

i am well in C++ and DirectX, but no i want to write some OpenGL games
But i cant find an OpenGL SDK or sometihng else
what do i need to write opengl apllication, and where can i get it?

You should already have it it comes with windows well above 95. And all the header files and .lib files should come with a good compiler. All u have to do depending on your compiler is to add the lib file and start hacking



this is a NVidia OpenGL SDK!!! I now downloading it… But it big!

There is no “official” OpenGL SDK (like the DirectX SDK) because OpenGL does not come from 1 company. ZeeBoy is correct. OpenGL does automatically come with Windows, but you may need to do some work to get your app running. Specifically you’ll need to set up your compiler to link to the openGL32.lib (and possibly glu32.lib and glut32.lib). In VC++ this would be in choose Project->Settings, then in the “Project Settings” window under the Link tab you’ll need to add those opengl32.lib into the “Project Options:” field. This isn’t as complicated as I’m making it seem:-)

You can find many simple applets here at OpenGL.org. Many graphic card companys have an “SDK” with some more complex sample applets and header files to use their extension. ATI has one for the Radeon and Rage 128 cards at http://www.ati.com/na/pages/resource_centre/dev_rel/devrel.html