Where to find the definition of basic types in Vulkan

I was looking for a struct defs for following:
VkResult etc.,

I see most likely place is in vulkan/vulkan_core.h.
Still looking.

Those aren’t structs. The first two are Vulkan handles, as specified by the Vulkan specification. VkResult is just a typedef of an integer.

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Thanks I noticed that this macro in the same header file:

typedef struct object##_T* object;

That followed by bunch of defines.
I think that has something to do with ##. I have to recall what it means. I am assuming those bunch of definitions use ## as sort of wildmark to generate all those typedef statements.

## is macro string concatenation.
so it would yield a pointer type to a fake struct.
It is kind of a hack to achieve some measure of type safety in C.

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