Where to Download OpenGL?

I would like to be able to write, compile, and link openGL applications without using MSVC++ on my Windows machine.

I have been all over this site and many others and have yet to find a location from which I can download the libraries, and header files.

The one link that looked promising was in the Developer FAQ here at OpenGL.org but the link it gave me is broken: http://www.opengl.org/Downloads/Downloads.html

The only other reference to where to get the files is:
“If you’re using Visual C++, your compiler comes with include files for OpenGL and GLU, as well as .lib files to link with.”
Which is of course useless to those of us that do not have Visual C++.

If someone could please give me a working link of an official location to download the libraries and header files I would really appriciate it.

Also, as a suggestion to this site’s web developer (if any are reading) fix that broken link and add a link somewhere off the main page to a location to download all OpenGL files required for development (libraries, header files, DLLs, etc.).


Isn’t every compiler come with it?


Hope this is what you want

I don’t know how to program in OpenGL but I found a cool compiler that works with it. Its called Dev-C++ 4. I found it on Programmers Heaven web site under C/C++ compilers. I has templates ofr OpenGL and a bunch of other stuff. Including sampel programms.