Where to download openGL v1.2 or above?

I am writing a program which uses openGL using MS Visual Studio 98 which has the header files and static link libraries for openGL v1.1

I need to use the UNSIGNED_SHORT_565 flag when calling the glDrawPixels() function therefore I need openGL v1.2 or above but I am having trouble finding it anywhere

Can someone point me in the right direction please


OpenGL implementation is included in the drivers of your graphics card.
You can use Glew to access specific extensions. The Glew headers will have what you want.

As sharp_pixel said you should use an extension loading library like GLEW or GLee for this. I personally recommend GLEW. You should also consider updating your Visual Studio especially if this “Visual Studio 98” is equivalent to VC++ 6.0. That compiler is not even standard compliant. The Visual Studio Express Editions are freely available.

[ www.trenki.net | vector_math (3d math library) | software renderer ]

FYI, it’s GL_UNSIGNED_SHORT_5_6_5, and it’s defined in glext.h:


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