Where to Download Opengl 2.0

Dear All,

I need to download Opengl 2.0.
Please suggest links.

Right now I am not using Graphics Hardware.I plan to run on software mode.

Thanks in advance
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For software rendering try mesa library.
For hardware rendering you need GPU that can support OpenGL 2.0 and up to date drivers.
For programming you need OpenGL 1.1 + extension loading mechanism (or a library like GLEE or GLEW).

Dear sir,

I have compiled the program with GLEW Library.
It is compiling well.
But when I try to run it is saying Opengl2.0 not supported.

Again I don’t want to use MESA Library.
I want to work with software using GLEW library.
Is it possible


You don’t “download” OpenGL2.0, you download implementations depending on your setup. In hardware, or in software.

You really want software rendering (slow) instead of hardware rendering (fast) ?

Fine. You have 2 choices :