Where is glutf90.h?


I’m trying to port the f90 bindings for OpenGL, which requires GLUT.

GLUT appears to have compiled OK.

I have this mysterious problem with a missing header file when compiling the f90gl routines. In particular, ‘cwrapglt.c’.

It attempts to #include “glutf90.h”
This is nowhere to be found on the SGI system I’m using.
There’s also this mysterious comment right before the include in ‘cwrapglt.c’,

/* glutf90.h moved from the GLUT source directory to include/GL at GLUT 3.7 */

glutf90.h is nowhere to be found in the glut-3.7 tar ball.

I’m really in over my head here, and wondering if there’s anyone out there who has a clue to solving this.

I suppose I could search on google and find a glutf90.h somewhere. But with so many versions out there, I’m worried things would simply get messier.

Thanks very much for any help,
Skip Egley