Where can I find the ATL openGL example?

Hi peeps,

I’d like to wrap up my class into an ATL object - I know microsoft has a sample on their site but I can’t seem to find the `download source code’ link anywhere.

If anyone can help me find this i’d be very appreciative. There doesn’t seem to be a huge amount of info around about using openGL with ATL.


If I understand correctly, ATL is a template library whose main purpose is to create/access COM objects. It doesn’t interfere much in what you are doing with Windows. So, just find a regular Win32 example of how to setup an OpenGL window. NeHe’s site has a simple codebase for doing this setup work.

Its ok, I found the ATL sample. I just want to wrap up my classes into an ActiveX control, so my 3d view can be used in a browser etc.

Just needed to see a working example - its easier to debug if I gradually add components to a program I can see already works.

Thanks anyway.