Where can i find OpenGL2.0?

I have a new win xp installed.
I installed the grafiks card driver that works oke.
But if i want to run aerofly pro deluxe this program stil asks to instal OpenGL2.0


What is your graphics card? Maybe it is too old and has no GL2 support? The GL support is always included in the driver.

If you installed the drivers off the provided CD/DVD, they are probably too old.
Get the latest driver for Nvidia:

ATI/AMD: http://ati.amd.com/support/driver.html

If you have an Intel/S3 chipset, I don’t think they support OpenGL 2.0

I’m amazed that you weren’t flamed. :slight_smile:

Sorry, I forgot…

My PC configuration:

Medion 8380 XL
Pentium 4 CPU 3.40GHz
1.50 GB of Ram
Windows XP Pro Version 2002 Service Pack 2
NVidia GeForce 6610 XL 128Mb

I can run smoodly FSX, Shipsimulator 2008,…

When i want to start Aerofly Pro Deluxe i have the following messages:
“No hardware accelerated OpenGL 2.0 driver for your 3D grafics card found.
Please install an OpenGL driver version2.0 or later.”

I already installed the latest driver for graphics card, but stil Aerofly pro deluxe dont want run.

Anybody who can help me ?

You install the nvidia forceware driver ? Still no OpenGL ?
Sanity check, run this :

And post the driver version, gl version, vendor, and renderer.

If there is “Microsoft” somewhere in it, then the driver is not properly installed.
Try again :

If card is a “mobile” version, it can be tricky to get proper drivers, try to search for “Omega nvidia drivers”.

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