where can I find a wxWindows+ Opengl example


Just wanting to know where i can find a wxWindows and Opengl example. Plus I down loaded wxWindows 2.2.9 the zip files and they where not in zip like format and do not know what to do with them.

please Help thanks flyer

There are a couple of OpenGL samples that come with the wxWindows distro.
Also if you’re just starting out, I suggest to start using version 2.3.2 and then upgrade to the soon to come (hopefully within the next few days) 2.3.3.
There have been massive improvements in these releases, and even though they are considered development snapshots, they are very stable.

Regarding the problem with your ZIP file. It’s probably just a corrupted or incomplete download on your side. Just redownload the file from www.wxwindows.org. The files there are ok.

Also there is a very active wxWindows user list that you might consider subscribing to. If you have any questions, it’s better to ask there than here.

Good luck.