where can i find a very good math tutorial!


Where can i find a good math tutorial .that will help with 3d and collision detection.
Please an easy to understand tutorial ,My
math skills suck. If you know of good books please let me know.

thanks alot

You might try www.gametutorials.com

They have a couple tutorials on collision detection.

Good luck,

What kind of collision detection are you trying to do? If you tell me what your attempting, I might be able to give you a good idea of what to do.

i don’t have any particular recommendation but normally try your normal math books then look under Point/Line, Line/Line, Line/Plane, Plane/Plane Intersection
i bought mathematics for 3d computer graphics and realtime rendering, these books are covering the topic you are looking for.
maybe you stop at their website www.realtimerendering.com
or you try www.gamedev.net www.gametutorials.com
that are some web-resources i can recommend


Have a look at this site and the OpenGL Tutorial 30, might help!

Sorry, forgot to past the link:

An awesome book is:

Mathematics for 3D Game Programming & Computer Graphics by Eric Lengyel

ISBN: 1-58450-037-9

Check it out!

i completely agree to your book recommendation, i bought that book myself. And this book is worth every cent.