Where are OpenGL drivers for Intel 945GM

I have a vista laptop with the ever popular Intel 945GM graphics chip. Intel says their drivers support OpenGL and I downloaded from Intel.com their latest drivers, but nowhere did I find the OpenGL.DLL module that many demos seem to require. And what level of OpenGL does one get? it seems almost a conspiracy to keep OpenGL from gaining a foothold to make the info so obscure. I know that nVidia has good OpenGL drivers but I have the most common cheap chip and it should be able to do something. I was tryingto run the chess demo I found on the net.

You need to install these intel drivers.

Every windows system has a basic opengl32.dll, and then if accelerated drivers are installed, they add modern opengl features (the new .dll is named differently by each video card vendor)
Some background on this :

Is it really opengl.dll that your programs need?
Wow! that is ancient!
Without going into details, those programs need to be updated to use opengl32.dll

V-man is correct. That chess demo must be really old if it wants plain “OpenGL.dll” instead of “OpenGL32.dll”.

Only some of the really old SGI type demos did this.
Try a newer demo from http://nehe.gamedev.net/ and see if they work.