when to start learning bsp trees

I just started learning opengl a while back… I am 1/2way through the Superbible, and wondering when is a good time to start learning BSP trees? I am familiar with C++, data structs like stacks etc., and a few algorithms…
So, when should I start learning BSP trees and stuff? Now? or 6 months from now? or maybe a month or two?

If you konw about data structures you can learn about bsp trees anytime you want. There’s nothing magical about them they’re just a data structure.

Implementing them in opengl isn’t that hard either. However just implementing them isn’t probably what you want. Most likely you want to use them to make a game or something in which case I recomend at least finishing the superbible so you have a firm understanding of opengl and what it can do for you. And then what you have to do on you’re own.