When compiling shaders with more up to date spirv error occurs

When compiling shaders I use the shaderc compiler from the sdk, recently I needed to set the spirv options for the version of spirv used and now whenever i compile I get the error

VUID-VkShaderModuleCreateInfo-pCode-08737 Validation Error: [ VUID-VkShaderModuleCreateInfo-pCode-08737 ] | MessageID = 0xa5625282 | vkCreateShaderModule(): pCreateInfo->pCode (spirv-val produced an error):
2nd operand of TypePointer: operand StorageBuffer(12) requires one of these extensions: SPV_KHR_storage_buffer_storage_class SPV_KHR_variable_pointers

suggesting that i need these extensions to use storage buffers but I am using version 1.3 in the instance so it should be core, even when including these extensions i get the same error.

shaderc::Compiler Compiler;
shaderc::CompileOptions Options;

Options.SetTargetEnvironment(shaderc_target_env_vulkan, shaderc_env_version_vulkan_1_3);

All that’s changed here is I have Set the target environment and the spriv explicitly, I have tried different spriv versions and vulkan versions and I get same error.