what to do to get the pointer of CView?

I build a project based SDI .In CMyView I use openGL to draw and render my 3D objects,then I create a dialog class based CDialog in order to control openGL of CMyView,but how to get the pointer of CView or CMyView?I use “CView* pView” in dialog class,but I fail to control openGL of CMyView.help me,please…

Try asking in an MFC forum.

You have to put the following in the file that contains your CDialog code:

CMyMainFrame* pFrame = (CMyMainFrame*) AfxGetMainWnd();
CMyView* pView = (CMyView*) pFrame->GetActiveView();

Now you have the correct pointer to your view object.

Aditionally you have to include headers of CMyMainFrame and CMyView classes.

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Yes Knackered, your reply was indeed REALLY informative.

Actually I thought his reply was better than yours.

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