What sort of project

I have recenly aquired the Open GL Programming Guide (the red book) and am sort of confused. I use xCode on Mac os X. What sort of project should I set up?


take the carbon target - it is the easiest one.

File/New Project/Empty Project/
Project/New Target/Carbon Application
Add the AppKit.framework and the GLUT.framework and the OPENGL.framework
Create the main.cpp and the sample codes of the book will work.
but use #include <glut/glut.h> instead of #include <gl/glut.h>.

A Simple C++ Tool would also work.


You might want to look in the examples directory under opengl. They have a few glut examples. Some of the programs use carbon. Possibly start out with one of the simplier programs to build on.

But if you go only with glut you dont need carbon or cocoa stuff. The only problem with this approach is you dont get a double clickable application. That is you get a command line application.

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