What should I start with?


What is the simpliest opengl application to do for a beginner? I already know how to do polygons, triangles etc and make them move.

Please, give me some tips of what applications I should start making to be a good opengl programmer.

I would go through the first 10 or 12 NeHe Tutorials. One-by-one, copy them onto your system, try to compile and run them. Experiment with small changes to see what affect they have on the resulting images. That would be a very good start.

After that, or even concurrently, take a look at the LightHouse3D OpenGL web site, and the GL3.x spec. Perhaps pick up a copy of The Orange Book.

If you are serious about OpenGL then you are going to need to know about shaders and the newer API, as a lot of NeHe’s stuff is rapidly becoming out of date.

I see that NeHe is using gl4java for almost every lesson. Isn´t gl4java very old and outdated?