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The Vertex buffer objects must not be write only! This is fatal for realtime locking/unlocking. The workaround is conventional vertex arrays, but soon the mobile devices will have more video power so VBOs could not be avoided, so they must be full functional. Adding a PBO would be an advantage. glWritePixels must be included. I was confused implementing bitmap fonts without this function. In the future the index buffers (and arrays) must support 32-bit indices (GL_UNSIGNED_INT). Why glPolygonMode is excluded. How am I supposed to create wireframe - additional buffer for the lines - no thanks! AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST: Please make at last a normal MSDN-like documentation. Txts and PDFs make the things somehow not professional and confuses the developers. I would say the same to SGI for the extensions and OpenGL itself. It is quite stupid to look after a function within a long document using Ctrl + F. Aa, dont forget to try to create a samples page where the basic usage of the OpenGL functions is shown. I have REAL problems, for example, finding something more on using the vertex weights function. Why should I surf the net hours to find a funny tutorial, when I just could look in the samples. The things I say are not only my oppinion. Think on it, because lots of people are switching to Direct3D or Direct3D Mobile (Windows CE edition of D3D), just because it is well documented with good support and samples.

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Regarding the documentation. I don’t know your background, but it sounds like you’ve been working with MS DX before, and not OpenGL. Moving from DX to OpenGL would be a pretty steep learning cure, I would assume. All the good documentation and samples is to be found on OpenGL side, not OpenGL ES. Basically the only doc needed for ES is what is supported and what not, compared to the full OpenGL.
If you want good understanding of OpenGL, buy the book: “OpenGL Programming Guide” also called the red book.
For me it was like this: After not knowing what OpenGL ES is, it took me about 5 hours to find out and port my old 3D engine from OpenGL to OpenGL ES. OK, not all features, but most of the functinality. So I would say the documentation is quite okay for ES.

Yes - the OpenGL documentation is OK - but I agree with the original post that the documention around OpenGL ES can be improved.

The working group is discussing how to get this fixed ASAP. Thanks for posting your comments.


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