What kind of VS' templete should I use?

Hi,I am new to OpenGL.I can use VC++. What kind templete should I choose if I want to take advatange of Visual Studio’s templete? Or I should begin with a blink project? Please help.

I’m pretty sure VS does not have a template for OpenGL and being Microsoft, it would never have.
Your option includes searching the net for one, or just start with a basic window creation template.

In fact, I remember some kind of template like this in VS2005, but, even if VS2010 had one, I’d take BionicBytes advice.

Where on earth can I find a OpenGL templete or some articles about this?

I think you should start in the wiki home page (http://www.opengl.org/wiki/Main_Page), and also have a look at the FAQ (http://www.opengl.org/wiki/FAQ).

There are some VS templates where you only have to click a button , and get full source code that can be compiled and running a dummy empty application. But not for OpenGL programming.

When you start reading into OpenGL programming, notice that there is the old legacy way (immediate mode, version 2.1), and the modern way that unlocks the full potential power of the graphic cards (shader programming and efficient buffer management). If your purpose is just to draw some simple things as quickly as possible, the immediate mode will do fine.

Notice also that the learning curve of OpenGL (and Direct3D of course) is quite steep, even for experienced programmers coming from other sectors.