What is the maximum size of texture allowed?

Particularly on NVidia cards.
Thank you,

glGetIntegerv(GL_MAX_TEXTURE_SIZE, float*)

Two questions:

  1. Have you googled for “nvidia maximum texture size”?

  2. Are you compiling an OpenGL encyclopedia?

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>Are you compiling an OpenGL encyclopedia?

No, I’m learning OpenGL 8 hrs/day :slight_smile:

No offense, but your questions seem to range from exceedingly simple, to more advanced stuff that you shouldn’t even be trying to think about until you get a handle on the simple stuff.

The best advice I can give you is; read through at least the early chapters of the Red Book, think of a simple program you want to write with OpenGL, start writing it, and as you run into problems try to use reference material like the Red Book, the OpenGL specifications, MSDN, etc.

And let’s not forget the OpenGL Technical FAQ, which can be found in the list of Quick Links in the drop down on these forums in the upper left corner.

I’d especially like to draw your attention to question 21.130.

There is really no substitute for writing the code yourself. Reading books, looking at tutorials, and examining example programs are all good, but you really don’t gain as much practical knowledge as if you had written your own code.

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Deiussum is right on here. Heck, I’ve been writing C++ code for five years and there are some features of the language I haven’t explored yet. I’m much newer to OpenGL and am only concentrating on features that my first application needs. I think my head would explode if I tried to understand all of this stuff up front :slight_smile:

Deiussum, I’m almost done reading the RedBook :slight_smile: I’m trying to figure out what to do next :slight_smile:
I already wrote a few simple OpenGL codes without much problem.
Thank you for pointing out the Technical Faq, I didn’t realize it was there.
Starman, ditto on C++. I’ve been programming in C++ for past 4 years and still only know about 1/4 of the STL :frowning:
Sorry, for all the questions guys. I’m just very knowledge hungry and got excited about OpenGL as I liked it much better than dreaded DirectX. I just needed some excuses to stop learning DirectX and go to OpenGL :slight_smile: It’s easy to get excited as 3g graphics has been my hobby for past 10 years and now I can program all this stuff myself :slight_smile:
I had lots of questions, but I also went from not knowing anything about OpenGL (5 days ago) to writing a few applications with textured objects :slight_smile: That was in 5 days, 8hrs a day of self-studying and I enjoy it. My one problem: I hate not to know something :slight_smile:
Thanks for all the help though.

eome questions:

why do you call yourself BigShooter?

and do you really manage to get all this stuff you get as a reply, plus the book, the tutorials, the programs etc into your head in a few days? and if so, how do you do it? and WHY? extreme time pressure, or a bet you lost ? I would be quite frustrated, although I love OpenGL and C++ and graphics programmig (and in spite of my poor to average knowledge of it, I have the possibility to do it for money :-)))) ).


Jan, to answer your questions:

  1. BigShooter has been my nickname for about 7 years, so I used it here, too :slight_smile:
  2. Did I get everything in the Programming Guide to OpenGL - no, not everything unfortunately. I think it’s because certain areas are more appealing and interesting than others, so a few sections I went quickly through them, so my understanding of those section was not 100%
  3. Few programs, I meant little tiny applets that do some rotation, texture mapping etc. not fully blown programs or any useful stuff of course :slight_smile:
  4. Why the time pressure? No there is none, really. Story? Ok, I liked 3d graphics for the past 10-12 years. Ever since I first played with Lightwave 1.0 on Amiga :slight_smile: (part of video toaster at that time). So then I went into computer science. In 3 years we have learned everything but graphics and GUI programming :slight_smile: (no MFCs etc…). In my last, fourth year there is tons of suff on graphics, but I still have a month to that. I never liked the artistic part of 3d, but more the technical part. I’ve treid learning DirectX, but I couldn’t stand it. Now, with OpenGL I love it!
    So it’s exciting to see all the things I can do with it. There’s really no time presure, but since I have the time right now, I’m trying ta make the best out of it :slight_smile:

you still seem like a workaholic to me… do you ever drink beer?

BigShooter has been my nickname for about 7 years, so I used it here, too :slight_smile:

Is it wrong to wonder why a guy is called a ‘big shooter’?

>>you still seem like a workaholic to me… do >>you ever drink beer?
Jan, just came back from work. Until I’m done school, I’m a bartender at The Keg, so yes I do drink beer :slight_smile: I’m actually drinking it as I speak (no programming on the weekend bro). BTW, I smoke weed, too :slight_smile:

BTW, I smoke weed, too :slight_smile:

… which probably explains the plethora of questions

Sure it does, doper :slight_smile:


Man if you’ve been going to programming classes for 3 years and haven’t gotten to GUI yet then I can’t wait. By the time I get there thought I’ll be able to test out of the class.

c0d3Junk3Y, I have no clue what you’re trying to say :slight_smile:

I meant it to be sarcastic, but no disrespect was intended. I am going for a CS degree also, and I hope it doesnt take 3 years to get to GUI programming.

GUIs! blah!

I did a CS degree and an honours degree, and we didn’t learn no stinkin’ GUI class! Real men learn algorithms! Architecture! Software Engineering! Not buttons and widgets and fluffy GIRLY stuff like that! GRR!

tho’ I use GTK2 now :wink:

I agree with john. I don’t know of any university in Ontario that teaches GUI programming :slight_smile: That’s too easy! What is important is the engineering, algorithms, design, math… as for GUI, anyone can pickup a book and drag’drop a few buttons in VS.

The hard way. I learned GUI’s in ASM. Fun stuff there.