What is simplest way to "draw" (circle) outside standard OpenGL window?

This is 2D question, please help me find KISS way to solve this.

creates window with "size 1 " coordinates.
Center @0 0 and ± 1 x and ± 1 y. Basically 2x2 square.
My task is to draw Smith chart and I need to have “imaginary circles” whose centers are OUTSIDE (log scale ) the window coordinates.
Ideally I like to code for "window size " 4x4 and somehow scale it back to 2x2 before passing it to be rendered.
That way it would be easier to keep track of the math - I need log scale “circles”.

Can that be done and how ?

Whether the centres are inside or outside the window is irrelevant. Whether vertices are inside or outside the window is irrelevant. You can just treat the coordinate system as an infinite plane. Typically, you’d use the projection matrix to establish the desired coordinate system via e.g. glOrtho or glm::ortho.

Say what ?
Most , if not all "numerical values " are float from -1 to 1 , and anything outside of that range is invalid.
Hence ONLY using Ortho is a for real.