what is glut ?

i want to know the difference between glut.h and glaux.h file.
if i want to use glut.h which files are necessary. which compiler is suitable ?

GLUT is a Utility Library for createing your main loops and windows, it makes things alot simpler. all my tutorials use glut.


GLUT (OpenGL utilities)is sh1t

I just had to use glut alot for a class I had on Computer Graphics. It was not an OpenGL class, but we needed a framework for drawing pixels so we could do some basic 3d viewing and everything.

Anyways, glut was pretty useful in that I could write the code at home on my windows machine, and it would compile and run the same on the solaris machines at the school’s computer lab.

In that regard it was great. I suspect glut performance is awful though if you are really trying to do something advanced. For getting a window to prototype some stuff though I bet it is useful.

FoxDie, why would you say that? GLUT has its purposes and serves them well. It’s ideal for demos and prototyping, and pretty much the only portable solution. It’s also much easier to code a quick GLUT app than a quick win32, MFC or X windows app. It’s well written with a clean interface and good documentation for the most part. Cass uses it a lot for demos and he gets a lot more performance than I would hope to get.

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Well, I know I shouldn’t bite, but I hate trolls. I don’t think they have a place on this board. This is usually a place for constructive questions and helpful answers. I’ll remember your name if ever you have a question.