What is accelerated in G400 HW in DRI?

I have Xfree 4.0.2 with DRI running for a
MATROX G400 card on linux 2.2.18 at home. I would like to know exactly what is accelerated in H/W for linux? Where do I find this information? I have been unable to do color table remapping or scaling for RGB mode. It does not seem that the H/W supports this. Are there other linux DRI drivers that support this for other cards?

DRI + Matrox G400 = HW T&L, and that’s about it, as far as I know. Stencil and accumulation buffers are in software. You can try “glxinfo -v” and see what comes out.

I don’t know about colour table remapping or scaling for RGB mode.

The source for all DRI information is http://dri.sourceforge.net .

Hope this helps.

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