What has happened with the forum?

I am the only one who has to look at this mini font?
Since the forum face-lift the first two lines of any message are in solid big text but the rest is written in a Font nearly unreadable with 1024*768.
If this is OpenGl.org´s intention I beg them to change it…


Works fine for me at least. Think it looks better now than before

What browser are you using XBCT? Looks fine to me at 1024x768 in IE 5.5.

I use exactly the same setup than DFrey…
Any ideas?

Greets, XBTC!

Configure your browser to use your defined font instead of the font specified by the html.

I think we could do without the similies.


Thanx!I´ll try that…

Greets, XBTC!