What happened to my points?

Hi all,
I’m in a major move from an older pc to a shiny new one. My tools (code::blocks & mingw) has got a lift too, to updated versions. So, I’m trying to save my previously developed code. So far everything are acceptable … except for drawing points.
The pc can handle opengl ver 4.3, but I havn’t changet the context (core 3.3) or any other code. I’m a bit annoyed since I just changed the hassle of using small rects to use large (8) size points instead. I figure that I started out with rects of the same reason/condition that I meet now?
I make enables() before each draw, after setting the relevant program. None of the point-relevant settings are sat within the shaders.
Where should I look for a solution? … is it one of those things that is deprecated in the core contexts?

got it. I’m
that won’t work anymore.
I kept
and added in the shader
Be aware of the small difference in spelling.