What GL extensions are on OSX.4 as of now?

I have been toying around with getting a Mac again, but I not sure what extensions are fully supported on the Mac right now? Mainly GL2.1 features like GF8 series stuff. texture arrays, PBOs ect… And how is the GLSL support now on Mac?

Geometry shaders are supported in 10.4.10 on the GeForce 8600, but appear to be very buggy.

GLSL support is pretty good on ATI hardware; I haven’t had the misfortune of using NV hardware for a while. It’s certainly not bugfree, but I don’t think other platforms are much better on this front.

PBOs have been supported since 10.4.7 or so, and seem to work well. Caution about using newer GL features – PowerPC drivers haven’t been updated since 10.4.3, so new features aren’t available there, even on capable hardware.

Don’t know offhand about texture arrays.

Thanks OSC, from what I can find out so far, 10.5 is the version that will official support GL2.1. So I am planning on waiting till then to jump back into Mac’s again… Not sure if I am making a good choice! :smiley:

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