I need a list of the games which use these two exetensions.

for example: SW:KotOR, Far Cry.

Doom 3

If this is a driver testing related question, I suggest visiting Humus’ site . There are a number of technology demos in the OpenGL section that use ARB_vertex_program and ARB_fragment_program.

I don’t think there are currently many shipping games that use these extensions. This is going to take some more time.

If I’m not mistaken then FarCry uses HLSL compiler & is based on DX9. ARB_f_p is being somehow left out now as high level shading languages are coming.
Reason I think is obvious: NV -> compiler optimizes for registers, R -> compiler optimizes for less texture acceses, so you need specialized programs for different HW.
ARB_f_p is going to be left in GL2.0, but its usage is going to drop in favor of GLSL. Moreover GLSL right now works this way GLSL->FP->Native instr’s, with more mature drivers FP can be left out, so you’ll be compiling directly to HW.

I thought that SW:KotOR was an xbox game (and thus used DX)…?

Originally posted by Adruab:
I thought that SW:KotOR was an xbox game (and thus used DX)…?
It’s been ported to the PC and uses OpenGL (like other games from Bioware, too). Knowing that Doom3 will be released for the XBox raises the question if there is some OGL to DX wrapper or even a real OpenGL driver available…

Edit: Oh, and FarCry has an OpenGL renderer. It should be used on GeForce 3/4 class hardware because of register combiner optimizations, IIRC.