What does your username mean ?

Mine comes from a wargame I was playing at the high scool… Morglum was an ork chief.

This isn’t an AOL chatroom.

mine comes from the concatenation of the first initial of my first name with my last name. real inventive eh?

First of all ,i like running.

Second There is a novel titled “run ,Rabbit”.
Actually ,i don’t know the exact spelling of the book title.

I like the line from the “Forrest Gump”

“Run forrest, run”

Well, I wanted mine to be GameBeavis. Which is the name i go by, pretty much in real life. The beavis comes from a nick name from high school, and the game comes from both my love of PC games, and my desire to program them. But for some reason (not sure why anymore) I couldnt use that so i went with dabeav, which in my condensed vocab means. The Beavis. So thats my name. (Corny huh?)

Mine is obvious, IM A TOTAL PROGRAMMING IDIOT, who is compleatly lost, but looking for the forrest through the trees. ( A little true in advertizing I guess ).

I was quite new to the internet, when i signed in here. Of course my first name “Jan” was already used (just like all e-mail names, … i would like to use), so i just added a 2000, because that was the year, i signed in.
I am still waiting for the nobel-prize for this.


mine comes from what i see most during a normal day of programming


I guess Im a bit paranoid…

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