What does `VkDescriptorSetLayoutBinding::descriptorCount` specify?

Having read the docs and done a little looking around I’m still unclear.

The title largely sums up the question, but to ask a more specific question:

Given a shader with a single binding and it’s binding being:

layout(binding = 0) buffer Buffer {
    uint x[];

I know that setting VkDescriptorSetLayoutBinding::descriptorCount = 1 works:

VkDescriptorSetLayoutCreateInfo descriptorSetLayoutCreateInfo = {};
    VkDescriptorSetLayoutBinding binding = {};
        binding.binding = 0;
        binding.descriptorCount = 1; 
        binding.stageFlags = VK_SHADER_STAGE_COMPUTE_BIT;
    descriptorSetLayoutCreateInfo.bindingCount = 1;
    descriptorSetLayoutCreateInfo.pBindings = &binding;

In changing VkDescriptorSetLayoutBinding::descriptorCount to 2 or some other value, what would I need to change?

It specifies the same thing it specified in your Stack Overflow question: the number of array elements in the descriptor.

That answer got recently edited, didn’t get notification (apologies)

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