What can I do with _just_ ARBVP1?

I had a graphics program that used GLSL shaders on my fancy new laptop.

Then, I translated it to ARBVP1 / ARBFP1 (via Cg middle language) so it could run on my slightly old computer.

Now, this 2002-ish platform I’m supposed to be testing on does not support fragment shaders; only Vertex shaders! cry

My question is this: I know that if I just draw a whole bunch of grid-points, I can simulate the fragment shader behavior. However, how can I do multiple single-texture lookups? AFAIK ARBVP1 doesn’t allow texture lookups(?).

My goal right now is to get a program that draws an image, gaussian blurred, onto the screen, using only ARBVP1. I’m making some progress (trying to hack with multitexturing) but any reports of how you guys did this would help.

-In pain here. Taif

Disregard. the “Double Vision” example from here:


is essentially what I’m looking for.