What about the new born OpenGL?


I found this really good Blog about WebGL: www.WebGLForDummies.blogspot.com

I think WebGL is a newer version of OpenGL and is also very useful for the Web.
This has very good tutorials.

Please tell me why everyone is still using OpenGL when there is something newer (and better).


And I don’t understand why someone draws conclusion without understanding the matter. :slight_smile:
Do you know the difference between desktop OpenGL and WebGL? Maybe the answer to this question would help to understand why desktop OpenGL still survives. :wink:

Because WebGL is not a “newer version of OpenGL.” It’s not even a version of OpenGL.

WebGL is an implementation of OpenGL ES 2.0 for JavaScript, to be used in web browsers.

You use WebGL to the extent that you are writing a web application. You can’t use WebGL for non-web applications. And you wouldn’t want to, since WebGL is very restricted compared to desktop GL.