wglShareLists Q

Anyone know this? I want to have multiple rendering contexts that all share info. E.g. 4 pbuffers and 1 framebuffer. If I create separate pbuffers, each sharing with the framebuffer’s hglrc, will all of the pbuffers have access to the same info or do I have to explicitly set up “sharing mappings” between each and every pbuffer.

Thanks in advance.

If you create all your textures, display lists etc. in the primary context (eg. the Window) and then sharelists with each of the pbuffers, then they will all have access to the required information. Otherwise, if you create textures etc. in a pbuffer, then you must sharelists will all the other pbuffers (& the window) so that they can access them.

Thanks rgpc. I should’ve been more clear. That’s fine for me - one framebuffer glrc to control them all. Things would be easier with framebuffer_object, but I’m giving up on it for now :wink: .

I have had sharelist fail on me when I did it after textures were created. I think it’s the safest to sharelist in the beginning, then create textures and whatever.