wglShareLists ATI driver bug?

Hello everybody,

I have a strange problem. When using GLSL and a PBuffer with wglShareLists, performance is suddenly dropping heavily on my ATI 9600 with Catalyst 5.5. This problem arises even when the PBuffer is only created but not used and only if I’m using shared lists. Has anyone else encountered that problem?


I’m unaware of any such problem. Do you have a repro-case?

Hello Humus,

I have sent you a small repro-case via email.

As a FYI for everyone, this was a known issue and has been fixed already. The fix should be in public drivers fairly soon.

as far as I know, ATI drivers never provide a good OpenGL implement - -#

I’ve got the same bug on Catalyst 5.5. So when it will be fixed. wglShareLists is a major function for me.

I’m hoping Cat 5.6, but I don’t know which build will be included. But there’s a fairly good chance the fix will make it.

I’m using wglShareLists on a Radeon 9700 Catalyst 5.5 without problem…if this can help…

It’s not really a bug, and things work fine and according to spec. It’s just that there has been a performance problem a couple of driver revisions when sharing shaders across contexts. This was fixed not too long ago though, and I just check the newly released Cat 5.6 and the fix is included.

unfortunetely the performance drop is still there :frowning: . Is there any public information about what is fixed in newest drivers? I don’t need information that game “ABC” will now work in 1024x768. I just want to know the exact fixes.