I’ve been trying to modify the sample of Alessandro Falappa “CGLEnabledView” to include Multiple views in a static splitter Window (2 rows x 2 columns). With Window95 an Windows NT, I dont have problems. With Windows 98, on a specific PC, the sample draw just the first Pane (0,0) and not the next (0,1), (1,0) and (1,1) because it can’t
change the current context with the function “wglMakeCurrent()”. This function return an error !
I dont’t understand ! I installed this sample on 4 machines with Windows 98 and I have this specific problem with just one ?!!

To me it would appear to be a driver related issue.

I would add two more things you might check if the problem isn’t a video card driver.
Check the OpenGL libraries. It may be hard to comprehend, but they do come in
a litle bit different and ( a little bit incompatible) ‘flavours’ depanding on the Windows version.
If you use MFC, try to link staticaly.
I have a long history of very, very strange problems created by using different versions of MFC libraries (even with the same version number, but compiled for different languges).

One more thing I just recaled.
I also used to have a problem with Win98.
When rendering to a DIB section, colors where
a little bit darker or something like that.
Very strange. I used Win95 libraries and everyting was back to normal (I didn’t touch a video driver at all).