wglBindTexImageARB causes page fault


I am working on an application that renders to textures / pbuffers. Every call to wglBindTexImageARB results in a page fault seen in taskmanager or perfmon (up to 3000 per second). Performance is good and the app works as intended. No GL errors result from the call. (Motherboard) Memory usage is stable. My graphics adapter is nvidia quadro fx3400, driver version OS: XP Professional SP1.

Does anyone have an idea why this occurs or how to fix it? (yes I know page faults are not errors)



This seem to be a driver issue, after trying most of the drivers on http://www.nvidia.com, I have concluded that:

drivers starting with 9 (a year old or more) have the page fault issue with wglBindTexImageARB. drivers starting with 16 don’t have that issue. Unfortunately the 16- drivers put significantly more load on the CPU when using wglBindTexImageARB than the 9- drivers do.

Anyone here work for nvidia?