WGL_ARB_render_texture, sharing contexts

I’m using the WGL_ARB_render_texture extension, and when I’m using different rendering contexts for the pbuffer and window everything works fine, except that it’s major pain in the ass to handle multiple sets of states. But when I try to use the same contexts it seams like the texture doesn’t get rendered to, it looks like this .

This is with a Radeon 8500 and the leaked 6018 drivers, the offical 3286 driver doesn’t work at all with this, it takes a nose dive and reboots

Any ideas?

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Are you using wglMakeCurrent or wglMakeContextCurrentARB? Calls to wglMakeCurrent may fail if you’re trying to set an HDC to a HGLRC that with not created with that HDC. wglMakeContextCurrentARB shouldn’t fail in this case. (you still have to be careful though because if the pixel formats of the two HDCs are different certain ops will work differently).

If you’re still having issues. I can see if it’s a bug in the ATI driver.

I was using wglMakeCurrent, so I’ve changed that to wglMakeContextCurrentARB. It seams to work “better” now, but it’s not working correctly. Now at least the states seams to behave correctly, but the texture still doesn’t get rendered to.

On top of that I got a harddrive failure last night, my primary disk started to sound really strange and Windows froze several times and I had to reboot. So, I figured what was going on and decided to move all my important files (especially my programming projects), over to my secondary drive. I’m quite happy I did that, because the next time I restarted I got a bootdisk failure and not even BIOS would recognice it anymore. Ah well, it’s like a near death experience , reminds me to make backups more often … gotta reinstall everything now though …