Well what exactly should i do?

Well i am a newbie on linux, i have an ati radeon ve 64ddr, and well i have downloaded the DRI drivers, but i still cant eenter Xwindow, please, can anybody explainme what to do exactly, what do i have to add to my XF86Config


What distro are you using?

Have you ran /usr/X11R6/bin/xf86config ?

These drivers are horrible (even I beeing very respectfull for DRI team job). You wont find really good drivers not made by the board manufacturer… for ATI you can have it only with r300 chip… NVIDIA has great support for all their cards.

I have a radeon7500 and I will trow it in garbage as soon as I get a NVIDIA card to replace it… cant live with 3rd part drivers.

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